Monday, September 24, 2012

Hardcore week.

I was hardcore working last week cause... someone's birthday is on the 23rd of Sep and I planned to get her a new phone: Samsung Galaxy S3. hehehe.

as planned, got her the new S3, thanks to sister- Samantha for delivering the phone to her! and Andy Ng for helping me bring the money back to Msia to bank in to my cousin! ;)

Happy 21st birthday my dear, hope you like the present and I am really sorry that I was not beside u to celebrate your big day. I promised, I will do my best to be there for the following birthdays alright? =)

Hope you enjoyed your birthday but I know you did not cause I was not beside you. HAHAH =P
You will get another little surprise few days later. ;)

 I love your silly look much! =)

Stop working this week as too many assignments to due, I dont wanna get my assignments ruined cause of busy working again! and stupid hands allergic to rubber latex or whatever shit. why must my hands allergy to it and I must wear gloves when Im working!! GAHHH!! just like I love spicy food but my lips allergy to spicy and hot food as after I had them, my lips will be like sausages. LOL

Sunday, September 16, 2012


上个POST讲到,我在赌场输了很多钱。这件事也令我改变很多。那件事不久后,我找到了工作,是在一个在澳洲蛮出名的寿司店(SUSHI SUSHI)工作。







我的猪- 李思颖也被我吓着了!哈哈哈! 当我一出现在她门外对着她笑时,她就“做么你回来了的?!做么你回来了的?!”

在要靠近FINAL EXAM时,我生了一场大病,然后又遇上考试压力和之前的工作+学业压力,我在两个星期内暴瘦了几公斤,大肚腩也小了很多!哈哈!

对了,那天也遇到了一个失散多年的堂哥- 明庆!哈哈


在大马时,当然也不断地和我老婆约会 ;)



假期回来澳洲后不久,我也买了一辆属于自己的车!1998年出产,NISSAN PULSAR!(在大马是叫NISSAN SENTRA的)



Thursday, September 6, 2012

Reborn of my dead blog.

Wow! It's been 2 years plus since I last blogged! Didn't think of blogging again until it comes out of my mind randomly few days ago and so, I've decided to blog again! Haha!

Reading back those post few years ago, it's like reading a younger person's blog. it's obvious that the way I think has changed much compare to few years back. I know it's normal as everyone grows up! hahaha!

Many things happen between these 2 years, I cant really recall and blog it all! I regret for stop blogging years ago, or else I can read my posts and recall what had happen these times.

I guess the major incident happened was: I had a terrible accident on 29th of April 2011. I was fucking drunk, til I didn't know why was I at the place! I actually reached home safely after drinking, but I received a call from my pet sister and we talked about her bf and bla bla bla then I think I wanted to explain an misunderstanding of her bf, so I went out again (this is what i remembered). And I bang-ed a pillar outside my house and I bang-ed the divider at the roundabout outside my house. After I reached Setia Alam, I slipped my car and bang-ed to the divider at the fly over, and at last, I was speeding and entered into the wrong junction and that was a big corner, that time I didn't know how to drop gear but instead, just stepped on the break pedal and this cause my car slipped and bang-ed into the divider then my car turn over like upside down.

When the car turn over, my mind turned white, it's really like I'm going to die: Blind image and images of my parents, girlfriend, family just flew pass my mind. Then I wake up and tell myself that I can't die! I can't just leave my mum and my gf like that!! the following thing I worried about was: there's car coming on my direction and hit my car (if it really happen before I climb out from the car, I confirm K.O.). I tried my very best to climb out from the car from the small crack of my car's window and ran to the roadside quickly. At last, I was safe at the road side stoning and looking at my car. I couldn't believe what just happened that time!

here are some pics of the accident.

This is the 2nd life of Felix's and thank god for blessing me! I promised I will appreciate my life and won't make my parents and gf worry about me!

Other than that, my dad has sent me to Perth to continue my studies. Living in Perth is also another reason that changed me a lot. 1-2 months after I've been here, I went to Burswood and lost quite a lot of money, and I keep blaming myself that time as my dad worked so hard just to send me to overseas and I just lost my 1 month pocket money in just 1 fucking night. It's actually quite a difficulty to send me overseas and he shouldn't have do so as it really will spend a lot if I study in Perth, but he still does so cause he loves me, he doesn't want me to feel unfair as both of my older brothers has been to overseas for studies for years. I still remembered years ago my dad asked me: "Hong, will you feel unfair and blame me if I send u to overseas for just 1 year or if I can't afford to send u by the time?" I was stun looking at him and don't know what to response, I admit that I feel a bit unfair but if he really couldn't do so, i wont blame him. And yeah, thanks to Burswood, I only would think of that properly and know what to do next. And Gambling is Stupid, Greedy kills. No one wins all the time.

Oh yea, finally think of something positive and lovely to blog about! Haha! One day, my girl and I were just wanted to go have lunch at Manhantan Fish Market, the Curve. when we got up the shopping mall, there was a shed of wedding photo and a girl came to us and asked whether we like Taiwan bla bla bla.. we didn't realize it was a wedding photo promoting at first as the girl was damn smart! she started the conversation with other way! and when we sat down and talked, she slowly showed the wedding photos and at last showed us the promotion they were having!
The promotion was really interesting and I paid for the deposit, which mean, we will go to Taiwan for our wedding photo taking session in the future!

Because of you behave like a little girl and keep asking me to go KLCC aquarium with you...

And we went to the Manhantan Fish Market for the big seafood plate...
Then we got this!
HAHAHA everything sounds like planned! =P

She scolded me stupid but I know that she felt really sweet and happy in her heart! hehe! I Love You, Carmen Lee Sze Yiing! hopefully you are the bride in few years time?! =)

Okay, Enough of typing essay! hahaha see yea soon

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jan 2010 - July 2010

March 2010 - i quit my job at the recon car seller and started my studies at Metropolitan and doing Australian Degree Transfer Program (ADTP). it's 1st year degree and i haven choose what to major yet, most probably will be accounting and finance.

Everything goes well in college. met new friends, new environment (not really new for me actually cause it's still in Subang area). the lecturers LOVE to spoon feed us and made me got A for computing, almost another A for microecon, B for financial accounting and unexpected i got A for new classmates. =)
natalie(left 1)'s birthday celebration at bangsar. =D

my mui- Ng Kar Shie, Dawn gave me a puppy. it's a labrador, yellowish labrador. 100 thanks to her cause i knew she loves it too but her family doesn't like to feed a big size doggie. dun worry, i will take good care of him, but the problem is, he's too hyper active until i duno how to train him. =(
you guys can see more photos of my new puppy - Gordon Louis and my old big dog - Happy on my FB. =)

the best pic. =)

during june-july, a best friend of mine had problem with his gf. and he came back m'sia from 'overseas' just to see her and tried to settle their problem. what i can said is (my own opinion), he really did too much to save their relationship, but, unfortunately........
he is really in deep love of her until insomnia for almost every night just thinking bout her. and keep thinking how to save their relationship. every time i chat with him, he confirm will say something bout her. i really feel bad cause i couldn't help him much, but i really duno what can i do for them. cause i know if a couple are forced to be together, they will not happy.

i really hope that SHE will think back of HIM, will realize how much HE did for HER someday and give HIM another chance.

july 2010- went to penang with my classmates after the final exams, we had fun. PENANG FOOD, I MISS! really miss those delicious penang food. has been eating 'oh jian', 'popiah' continuously. oh ya, special thanks to Alex and Natalie for being our tour guide for these few days. appreciate it. =)

car team - outsiderz, had been cutting of those inactive members. the team is getting smaller but it's more tolerated. =)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

the recovery of my dead blog.

wow. its been a long time that i didnt update my blog. the last post was my birthday post. haha. it's sweet when read back how my friends celebrated with me..

anyway, i supposed to update this dead blog after my cousin brother's wedding dinner at penang which was few months ago but i was damn lazy until my finals were around the corner and now the finals ended almost 1 month. haha.

few months ago:

Parents brought me back to hometown (Butterworth, penang) to attend my dad-side cousin brother's wedding dinner. He is 22 years old and his wife is just 19 or 20 years old. haha. guess u guys know what happened lar, which couple will get marry at this early 20's unless there is a special case? yea, my cousin sister-in-law got pregnant.

okay, bout my cousin brother, i haven met him for years. i remembered the last met was when i was oni 13 or 14 years old? i think longer than that time cause he started to work when he was in secondary school. before all these, he was really a problematic teenager, but as the time goes on, people will get more mature and they will 'WAKE UP' and stop doing all the non-profitable stuff and started to think bout their future and so on. from his situation i think of my another cousin which is from my mum-side one and same age as me. he stopped schooling since he was form 1, what can a kid do without a minimum SPM cert? those workmanship. he shifted many jobs and now, i do not know what job is he working bout. how much i WISH he will 'WAKE UP' soon and stop those 'icey', 'K' stuff. his brothers even fed up on him. sigh.

back to my cousin's wedding. the funniest part is (its just what i thought), his eldest brother didn't attend his wedding dinner. i was like how sad would he be when he didn't see his brother there, i didn't know what happen to his brother la, maybe got business to do or what. but how could he skipped his brother's wedding, even skipped the ceremony before wedding dinner(敬茶仪式).







Tuesday, January 5, 2010

19th Birthday 2010

4th of Jan,
tzekai called me out at 11pm. he asked me go to station 1, sunway. haha!

here were some 'AWESOME' plans by Lenard SiowTzeKai, ChongPuyHoong, Thom WongHanYang & Carmen PIG LeeSzeYiing:
Hoong - while i was working-serving customers, CHONG PUY HOONG called me and it just rang for 2-3 times.
then i text-ed him 'sup?'.
he replied 'fk u la. now oni reply. i got into an accident and needed your help just now but u din pick up my call! pls fk off and i dont need your help!'
i was like 'wtf??'

ok. nvm.. here is another AWESOME acting:
Thom: bro, where are you? have u got ur salary? i need help. i need $$ urgently.
me: i haven't got my salary, how much u need?
Thom: RM300. when can u give me?
me: okay. give me some time cause i have to go ATM. perhaps at night? 11pm? cause tzekai asked me go there. u wan i ask hoong they all?
Thom: i asked them d. all together got 700. i expect u got another 300. i need 1k.
me: ok. wait me go ATM 'press' for u.
Thom: how much u can borrow me?
me: u said 300 ma. 300 lor. i cant borrow u much cause i haven't got my pocket money and my mum will check my bank account.
Thom: then nvm la. no need d.
Me: how much u need? so tonight still wanna meet me and i pass u the 300 ma?
Thom: nonid d. NOT ENOUGH. (not enough? i thought u were just asking for 300 and u just need 1000???)

another ACTING by the beloved PIG:
she just suddenly changed 360 degree and 'WAS' angry cause i didn't reply her sms-es.

point 1: no matter how bad mood and s.h is puy hoong, he also wont be so s.h until simply scold people like that. how come he will suddenly changed? haha!
point 2: thom said he need to borrow 300 from me but at last say not enough. -.-
point 3: LeeSY wont be so childish and angry me cause i didn't reply her. cause she knows i'm busy working sometimes.
point 4: i called tzekai what happened to Hoong and Thom and told him the whole situation. OK LA. HIS ACTING is quite good. BUT! he called back and said 'i called hoong just now. he said his car BROKE DOWN and the location is near my working place, that's why he's so angry.

OKAY.... BROKE DOWN huh? i thought Hoong mentioned he got into an ACCIDENT?? hahahahaha

brothers.. i ain't dumb ok.. but seriously la.. HOONG & THOM, your acting was 'GREAT'.! not forgetting the '..' sign. xD
ALTHOUGH it was really 'AWESOME', but i really APPRECIATE what u guys did for me la.. it's really TOUCHING.. =)

was late to station one and saw MANY FRIENDS were standing there waiting. I'm sorry la cause the stupid police road block. brainless shit. 4 lanes to 1 lane, of course will jam like hell and i was late lo.. haha..

went in to Station 1 and started ordering foods and drinks, suddenly, the lights deemed, haha.. know what happened next la.. birthday song and cake.. BUT i did not expect they actually made a CAKE FACIAL for me.. -.- ohya, Hoong & Thom appeared from behind.. LOL.. seriously, i thought they will made me a surprise by bringing SzeYiing there.. i know it wouldn't happen but i stilll wished for it.. i even asked "where is Sze Yiing?". all stunned then Tze Kai told me she couldn't come out. OKAY. EXPECTED THAT. but she recorded something for me. it was the SWEETEST moment on my birthday when i listened to it. i keep on smiling when listening to it. thanks my dear! love u! =)

I'm DAMN happy to see all my bros and muis there although I was damn tired and sleepy. haha! Jiayang, Beh & Shie bought me a Nike Basketball! LOve it much!

They asked me to blow the candle 1st then oni make a wish, then i was curious and asked why the steps wrong d?? then they said NEW STYLE. lol..

the cake facial, thanks to u guys.. -.-

The dear Ah MuiS - KarShie & MuiiYee (left out Gillian =[ )

Special Thanks to the Organizer -TzeKai! love u bro..

These called BROTHERS and SISTERS.

TzeKai, Justin, Thom, Hoong, YouWei, ChiLun, JiaYang, Beh, Hean, Roger, Kevan, KarShie, MuiiYee, Shin. thanks for spending your night time to celebrate with me & thanks for everything. Love Ya'll! =D

5th of Jan,
woke up early in the morning and went to work like normal. some cars arrived and boss asked some of us go drive the cars back. Went Port Klang to drive back all the cars. 3 cars arrived - Merc E200 Kompressor, Merc E240 and Merc SLK200. drove SLK200 as a gift from my boss? haha! i love this car weih! I wan LANYENG then opened the roof, the weather is nice that time. BUT, it turned Hotter later. ok lor.. wan lanyeng but got SUN-BURN. sounds stupid i know. xD

argued with SzeYiing cause she couldn't dinner with me and my family. i know i shouldn't mind this. SORRY.

went Saisaki Japanese Buffet with my parents. my dad did not dare to ask what i want for my present. hahaha!

for those who wished me no matter thru facebook or SMS or call, THANKS ALOT~! really appreaciate that! love u guys! THANKS again! =)

Hugo element by my elder sister - Samantha Teoh! love it much! thanks Jiejie!! =D

a Nike basketball by Beh Hee Leng, Ng Kar Shie & Kua Jia Yang. i think i won't be using this ball cause it's a gift by my best friendS.. thank you guys! =)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

4 days continuous BBQ party.

30th of dec - BBQ party at Dino's place (Bukit Jelutong)
31st of dec - new year eve BBQ party at Kar Shie's place (Taman Megah)
1st of Jan - BBQ party with OutsiderZ mates at A'Famosa
2nd of Jan - 5sf2 gathering BBQ party at Neo's place ( Bukit Jalil)

went to A'Famosa right after the New Year Eve BBQ party with Youwei. reached there in 1 hour.
1st of Jan, went to play paintball with OutsiderZ mates at Melacca. it's damn fun, u guys should try it.. it's a bit pain la if u shot by others. but the feel is damn nice. hahahaha! ohya. do not play with experts 1st if u r still a newbie, their guns(called marker) is damn chunted and damn fast. u will get more hurt if u shot by them. tinghang had try it. haha!

2nd of Jan, 5sf2 gathering was fun. met many ex-classmates. and of course, BULLY-ED KOK FUI! hahaha! miss him so much. cause no one to let me bully in college. xD

3rd of Jan, went to SOUL-ed OUT with beh, jiayang, karshie, shangshen and his college classmates.

4th of Jan, it's 1 more day to my DAY. wait calls. im still rotting in the showroom and blogging. -.-